Welcome to the LUC badminton website !

Welcome to the Lausanne Université Club Badminton (LUC Badminton) website.

Our association welcomes members with a passion for badminton and a desire to share the sport together. Our ambition is to promote and offer a framework and environment for the practice of badminton that will suit all levels. Whether you’re an experienced competitive player or just want to have some fun, we’ll do our best to offer a package to suit all levels of play.

We operate primarily within the university community, which welcomes us into its sports association community. Students and staff from the UNIL/EPFL community can join us at preferential rates. However, anyone who shares our passion for the sport and wishes to join us will be accepted as a member.

Badminton is the central theme that brings all our club members together. However, sharing is not limited to the practice of this sport. To further promote this sharing between members, our association offers a variety of activities for its members throughout the year.
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